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What is Rate-a-NikNak?

We made a bunch of characters for our game, and we wanted to get some opinions on how much people like them.

Who drew / designed all these pets?

Cat & Zack designed and drew (in Aesprite) all of these pets through blood, sweat, and tears xD

How many total pets are there going to be?

We were thinking maybe 50-100ish. We will continue to add ~2 pets / day until we reach that number. Also we will likely cut a couple pets as well depending on how they do here.

What is NikNak: The Game?

A pet collection RPG that takes place in a techno-mythical world called the Mainframe. You can read more about it on our wikiniknak.comArrow Right

How do we get more involved?

You can join our Discord! We also have a Youtube channel where we've been posting behind-the-scenes videos. The channel is called @zatcity, aka ([Z]ack + C[at])ZatCity YoutubeArrow Right

Who is making NikNak?

Cat & Zack xD


Some free assets were used on this site, from the following sources:


  • Pixel Operator - Jayvee Enaguas

Sound Effects:

  • Digital Key hover & click - Zapsplat.com
  • Physical Key hover & click - Zapsplat.com

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